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Help make our minds and bellies as happy as our feet.

Happy Feet Youth Project is an NGO that relies on donations from generous people like you. Your donation offers children in Langa an opportunity for a better education, a healthier lifestyle, and a brighter future. No matter the amount you donate to Happy Feet, you’ll know that you’re improving the lives of children in Langa.

Happy Feet accepts domestic and international donations through GivenGain.


How can I sponsor a child’s scholarship?

Your donation of 4000 ZAR sponsors a child’s scholarship for an entire academic school year. That includes school uniforms, transportation, school fees, and any other associated costs. Our children are learning English and prospering in many disciplines.

How can I feed 200 children a healthy, nutritious meal?

Your donation of 2000 ZAR allows us to provide a healthy, nutritious meal to all of the children of Happy Feet. We have introduced our children to vegetables, brown breads and grains, and fruits — a healthy alternative to the protein- and junk food-heavy diets most children are used to.

How can I support one of Happy Feet’s events?

By donating any amount to Happy Feet, you’ll support us in hosting our own events outside of Langa, which shows our children the opportunities around us and helps develop a better world-view. You’ll also help the children to express themselves in a positive way – by DANCING!

South African supporters can also donate via:

First National Bank

Acc. No. 62331185472

Branch. Vangate

Branch Code. 250114

Swift Code. Firnzajj

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